Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chicago -- Skyler's 18th Birthday Weekend!!

The weekend of October 9 we went to Chicago, for the long weekend, for Skyler's 18th birthday!! We had a good time, We took with us Jenny, Skyler's friend and Heather, a girl that is like a daughter to us.

Science and Industry Museum!

In the Farming area... Mark was impressed!!
Rachel showing Eden and Heidy how to Milk.... not sure she really knows how!!
In the combine!

On a cow..

The lady on the scarves.. Her outfit showed our muscle system...

A screen that showed any movement you made, this is Rachel an Eden.

Skyler and Eden at the Ethiopian restaurant.. The Ethiopian Diamond, the food was EXCELLENT!!

Heidy and dad there...

Eden eating, notice the fork???

The Sears/Willis Tower

Jenny and Skyler

Up in the tower

The view, Jordan and Rachel's apartment is down there, can you see it???

Silly girls!


Mark and me

The clear box floor that you can see down!!

Eden and Heidy didn't want to turn over so I could take a picture, they were too busy looking.

Eden finally did

Then Heidy

Skyler and Jenny

Heather and myself

Love this angle

The sign says it all!!!

Taking out Edens braids

The skyline

Navy Pier
Isn't this cute??? Harry Cary and my girls...
Skyler and Jenn
Heidy trying to be Elf

The 4 girls!!

An Ice cream place....yummmm Margie's... the Beatles supposedly ate there!

Skyler thinking about being 18???or the heavenly ice cream???

We took Jenn to the airport and they had statues of the Blue's Brothers so Skyler posed with them!

It was a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2nd lost tooth

Oct 7 was a good day for Heidy, she lost her 2nd tooth!!! She got it all wiggly and then said Mommy help me. I pulled it with very little effort!! She was so happy, they get their name on the board at school, ya know!!

Then Eden wanted her smile taken too!!

I love these two little munchkins!!!